After more than 1 year of launch, WhiteHub has been used by more than 1,500 security experts and more than 50 enterprises in and out Vietnam. With the goal of expanding WhiteHub to the community of professionals and businesses around the world, improving WhiteHub's applicability in the security product ecosystem.

We, the creator of the WhiteHub project, have decided to apply the blockchain technology to the bounty payment and for the services and products that WhiteHub provides. Therefore, on January 4, 2020, WhiteHub Token (codename WHC) and WHC ecosystem was introduced.

Use WHC in the WhiteHub Platform ecosystem

WHC ecosystem

WHC is a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, with a vision of becoming an intermediary asset in Bug Bounty programs and paying fees for security products. Taking advantage of the strengths of Blockchain technology, WHC will make the payment process easier, reduce costs and increase anonymity for users. At the same time, WHC also helps eliminate obstructions to make it easier for professionals and businesses worldwide to join the WhiteHub community.

In addition, WHC itself is also considered as a channel to help the creator share the ownership of the WhiteHub platform to the community, investors can own WHC to receive benefits derived from WHC's function. and WhiteHub Platform platform. In the long run, we want to make WhiteHub a fully autonomous system (DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Road map

This roadmap may change based on actual implementation and will be adjusted by the development team for the most effective. With the goal of increasing the number of users owning WHC, increasing the volume of WHC transactions on the WhiteHub platform and adding more 3rd party applications that use WHC as a useful payment method.

Phase A (quarter 1 2021)

  • 01/2021: Open a limited sale of WHC (Private Sale)
  • 01/2021: Listed WHC on VNDC Wallet
  • 01/2021: WHC distributed via VNDC DIPO
  • 01/2021: Listing of WHC / VNDC asset pair on Nami Exchange
  • 01/2021: Open WHC transaction on VNDC P2P Trading
  • 02/2021: Listing of WHC / VNDC asset pair on
  • 02/2021: Open a WHC transaction on VNDC Exchange
  • 02/2021: Introducing WHC project through some international Launchpad platforms such as VNDC DIPO, Binance launchpad,, …
  • 02/2021: Development the community of investors and users of WhiteHub
  • 03/2021: Deployed using WHC to pay fees for Bug Bounty program on WhiteHub platform

Phase B (quarter 2 2021)

  • WHC integration on the Cystack platform

Phase C (quarter 3 2021)

  • Attract 5,000 security professionals to use the WhiteHub platform

Phase D (quarter 4 2021)

  • Attract more than 10,000 investors to own WHC Token at wallet addresses and crypto exchanges

Phase E (2022)

  • Growing experts, businesses using WhiteHub, investors owning WHC and expanding the security ecosystem with WHC apps.
  • Upgrade the WhiteHub platform to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Information technology

See the details of White Paper to learn more about how WhiteHub works here.